6-piece-Box Frizzante BeRosé + ecological straws

La Principessa – delicate and gentle like rose petals

The 6-piece box Frizzante BeRosé is your choice for all special occasions! This excellent sparkling wine is like a sunset by the sea. As soon as you see it, it entices with its beautiful pink color and its gentle scent of rose petals. BeRosé is joie de vivre and aesthetics at the same time. Whether for a girls' evening or as a wedding apéritif - you will delight your guests with this wine specialty!

Your taste: Extravagant, fruity and balanced is the lovely taste of this sparkling wine from Italy. The scent is reminiscent of strawberries, its color is like pink peonies and in the palate this apéritif delicately sparkles with its aromas of rose, raspberry and violet. BeRosé is delicate, floral, elegant!

Your enjoyment: All our drinks are free of artificial aromas and flavor enhancers and of highest quality. Enjoy the taste of purely natural ingredients!

Your style: Your drink in the absolutely trendy design can be opened quickly using the tab. Take the supplied straw and enjoy your 0.2 l Frizzante Rosé straight from the attractive pink and gold aluminum bottle. This way you have your piccolo safely in your hand even when dancing.

The 6-pack Frizzante BeRosé is your exclusive sparkling wine for romantic evenings. Or a festive, delicious gift. In any case a pure pleasure!



Includes 16% MwSt.
( 0,00 / 1 L)
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From the age of 18 up! This product contains alcohol and must not be given to anyone under the legal drinking age. Delivery to minors is not possible. With your order you confirm that you have the legal minimum age. Please be responsible when dealing with this product. More information at know-your-limit.info.

Additional information

Weight: 1 kg
Vol. alcohol: 10,5%
Contained allergens: Contains sulphites

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